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Let's face it. All CDs are round, but not every CD's around. And often, it seems there is a disc-repancy (ouch!) between what you want to hear or buy, and what's still available and in print. Endangeredcds.com believes no CD should be left behind*. So what qualifies as an endangered CD? Well, it can be any title that has fallen out of print or been deleted. It can also refer to an original first pressing, a limited-run indie release or a rare import. Yet with filesharing and MP3s running rampant, and music left burning, ripping and streaming for mercy, soon all CDs may be endangered! So to paraphrase the words of the late Jim Morrison in the 1971 Doors song "L.A. Woman"...
Save our CD!!

* Some  restrictions apply. Offer may vary. American Idol winners and David Hasselhoff exempt. And that applies to you too, Ashlee Simpson.

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